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Radar Recorder - Optional Solar Panel
Peak Power Current: 0.58A
Open Circuit Voltage: 21.3V
Short Circuit Current: 0.66A
Size: 16.5" x 10.7 " x 1.3"
Cable Length: 15 feet
Rated Power: 10W
Peak Power: 10W
Peak Power Voltage: 17.3V
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• Ideal for
Permanent Sites

• Reduces
Maintenance Time

• Installs in Just Minutes

• Environmentally
Under normal use, the Radar Recorder can collect data for one to two weeks using battery
power before you need to recharge. For many portable applications this is fine, as the
recharging can be done once the short term data collection is finished.

However, if you want to use the Radar Recorder to collect data on a long term basis, such
as at a permanent site, having to swap out and recharge the battery every week or two can
become tedious.

With the solar panel, the Radar Recorder can collect data almost indefinitely under one
battery charge, making it a ‘must have’ for any long term data collection.

Because it greatly reduces the time spent having to replace and recharge batteries, the
Solar Panel will save you a great deal of maintenance time. It also keeps the battery
constantly charged, reducing the chance of missing data from the battery draining too low
and the Radar Recorder shutting off.

The mounting bracket that is included with the kit makes the solar panel easy to install. It
can be mounted to a tree or pole in the same fashion as the Radar Recorder itself and, like
the Radar Recorder, it can be mounted and ready to go in just a matter of minutes.

The mounting bracket can be used in a variety of configurations, so it can be used at just
about any location. The Solar Panel also comes with a 15 foot long cable, allowing the panel
to be installed up to 15 feet away from the Radar Recorder itself.
The Radar Recorder Solar Panel option makes long term traffic data collection easy
Radar Recorder Solar Panel Brochure