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Data Analysis Software for Hand-held Data Recorders

PETRAPro is the software for analyzing data gathered with the TDC Ultra hand-held data

The industry standard for processing turning movement data, thousands of users have
come to appreciate PETRAPro's stability, ease of use and comprehensive reporting

In addition to Turning Movement data, PETRAPro also processes data for Roundabout
Movements, Vehicle Classification, Multi-direction Gap, Stop Sign Delay, Signalized
Intersection Delay, Spot Speed and Saturation Flow Rate.

The program allows you to create a variety of
reports and graphs. Finished reports can
also be saved in Acrobat PDF or Text format for easy electronic transfer.  Data can also
be exported into numerous other programs.

Released in 2004, this program replaced the older PETRA for Windows software, which
was originally introduced in 1998. PETRAPro offers
new features and improvements to
the older PETRA for Windows software.

PETRAPro software is actively maintained and free expect technical support is available
both online and via phone.

PETRAPro software supports the current
TDC Ultra, as well as the older TDC-12, TDC-8,
DB-400, DB-100, IMC-IV and IMC-4 data collectors. PETRAPro will also read files created
with PETRA for Windows and PETRA DOS.
Supported Studies

Standard Turning Movements
Turning Movements are the studies most commonly used with PETRAPro, and as such, the program gives you a great deal of options on how to present
your data. Intersections can be done with up to eight separate approaches, with a wide variety of movement directions.

Enhanced Turning Movements
Take your turning movement studies to a new level by classifying a full range of vehicles as they make movements. Up to 14 separate classes of
vehicles can be recorded with their turning movements.

Roundabout Turning Movements - One of the more popular new developments in traffic engineering is the implementation of modern roundabouts.
PETRAPro gives you a way to effectively present roundabout turning movement data gathered at these types of intersections.

Vehicle Classification
Select from FHWA Scheme F or define your own. Up to 3 different directions can be reported separately or combined. Classify by vehicle type,
occupancy, number of axles or any other scheme you need. See the
TDC Ultra bicycle classification study brochure.

Multi-direction Gap
Report traffic gaps in 2 directions and combined. Group gaps in 15 two second bins. One extra bin is provided for volume totals.

Signalized Intersection Delay
Report stopped delay and approach volumes at a signalized intersection. Statistical method uses 10 to 16 second samples of intersection queue size.

Stop Sign Delay
Accurately report on vehicle delay at stop sign controlled intersections. Uses real-time data gathered with JAMAR count boards to provide the most
accurate measure of intersection delay.

Spot Speed with Classification
Reports speed by class. Define 1 to 13 classes. Input data from a JAMAR board or use your radar/VASCAR data. Each class is reported individually or
combined. Several graphs and reports give you immediate analysis of your speed data.

Saturation Flow Rate
Produce reports for not only saturation flow rates, but also signal timings, arrival types and lost time.

Raw Data Collection
Create your own data analysis studies using the time-stamping feature of the raw data collection. In this study, every button you press is assigned a
time stamp of when the button press occurred.
Features of PETRAPro
Graphical Interface
PETRAPro provides a new Main interface screen that contains shortcut links to some of the program's most used features.
This graphical interface allows you to quickly and easily access download, file open, and preferences screens, as well as
several others.

Quick Downloading
Easy point and click selections from PETRAPro's toolbar icons make functions like downloading a count board easy to do.
Once you have setup the download screen with the settings desired, simply hook up your board and start downloading.

Familiar File Retrieval
PETRAPro allows fast, easy retrieval of files using a familiar Windows Explorer style. Save your count files to your local or
network hard drives. Import and export many different file formats including PETRA for Windows, PETRA DOS, IMC, AAP and

View Multiple Files
The program allows you to view multiple files on the screen at the same time in a variety of formats. Compare data collected
recently with older files. Quickly move data from one file to another or to any other Windows program that supports standard
cut, copy and paste functions.

Plot Data
Plot the data in an intersection form, with each approach broken down by movement. Up to eight approaches can be included
in a plot, including diagonal approaches. The data plot can be done for both the overall data and peak hour data of a file, and
can list up to 14 separate classes of vehicles.

Graph Data
Show data in a graphical form, using built-in graph formats or by creating your own. The pre-designed Variable Width Graph
uses thick and thin lines to represent traffic volumes. You can also create your own custom graphs from any portion of the
data in a variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional formats.

Intersection Design
Design an intersection to look like the actual site of the data collection, with multiple inbound or outbound lanes, turn lanes
and center dividers. Graphical icons can also be included on the design. These icons include lane markings, street signs,
control devices, data collection locations, or customized ones you create. You can also add text information to the design.

Include Digital Photograph
Show exactly how the intersection looks in real life by including a digital photograph with the report. The digital photo could be
a line-of-sight photo, or even an aerial photo to give a bird’s eye view of the intersection. Whichever format you choose, the
photo can then be included with the reports you generate.

Customized Reports
Go from data collection to report generation in a matter of seconds. Format your printouts with a graphical logo of your
organization, different fonts, sizes, styles and colors to make your reports stand out.
View Sample Reports...
PETRAPro Download Screen
PETRAPro Open Screen
PETRAPro Multiple Files
PETRAPro Plot Data
PETRAPro Graph Data
PETRAPro Intersection Design
PETRAPro Digital Photo
PETRAPro Reports
Minimum Computer Requirements
Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 OS
Pentium I or higher processor
64 MB RAM or higher
800 x 600 resolution, 256 colors
Mouse or other pointing device
20 MB of free space on hard drive
USB Port for data download
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PETRAPro - 1 to 5 Seat Site License:
PETRAPro Installation Flash Drive and Reference Manual.
Licensed for up to five users at the same location.
Part #J-8023-K
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• Downloads the TDC Ultra
• Downloads older model boards
• Produces Extensive Reports
• Familiar Windows-style Design
• Multiple Export Options
• Full Technical Support
...And More
PETRAPro Interface