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Frequently Asked Questions

What is JMap?
JMap is a program from JAMAR Technologies designed to help you organize your traffic data studies. When you run the program, you see a map of your city or county with icons
on the map representing traffic studies performed at those locations. If you click the icon you see details of that study shown next to the map. You can load the study data into the
appropriate JAMAR program with a single click of your mouse. For example, if you select a Turning Movement study, then the next screen you see is the PETRAPro edit screen,
with the data from the study you picked ready to be edited or printed. When you exit PETRAPro, you return to JMap. The program can also be used to mark studies that are
planned for the future, or have been done on paper.

What is the current version of JMap?
The current version of the program is 1.1.0

How do I check my version?
To check the version of the program you are running, select Help from the main menu and click on About JMap.

With what operating systems is the program compatible?
JMap is compatible with all Windows Operating Systems 98 or higher, including Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP and Windows XP SP2.

What data files can be used with JMAP?
JMAP supports adding files from the following JAMAR programs: TRAXPro, PETRAPro, PETRA for Windows, PC-Warrants for Windows, PC-Travel for Windows, and WinRAC
Plus. These programs can be accessed directly through JMap.

What maps does JMap use?
JMap is built around Microsoft MapPoint technology. In order to run JMap, you must have a copy of Microsoft's MapPoint on the same computer. A copy of MapPoint is included in
the purchase of JMap. MapPoint includes maps for all of North America.

What versions of MapPoint does JMap support?
JMap will work with MapPoint 2004 and with MapPoint 2006.

Are updates to MapPoint provided by JAMAR?
No. MapPoint is updated periodically by Microsoft. JMap users who would like to update their copy of MapPoint must do so directly from Microsoft or a reseller.